The audience of this makerspace PL plan is mainly my fellow Innovative Learning Specialists (ILS). My big hairy audacious goal is for them to be equipped with the tools and resources needed to create and implement makerspaces in their own libraries. This requires them owning a depth of knowledge and skills regarding makerspaces, but also about professional learning. It is important they understand the five principles they need to design their own effective PL sessions with their staff at their campuses to allow them to experience makerspaces and buy-in to what we are doing.To do this I plan on modeling the 5 key principles of effective PL during our PL sessions over makerspaces. Below is an overview of how I will incorporate each principle, which is also discussed in my outline. 







Our PL sessions will be on-going and significant beginning in May 2019 and spanning a few months before ILS's go and present to their own campuses. We will continue to meet and discuss throughout the year.

Each ILS will have the support of myself and their fellow co-workers while planning, designing and implementing their spaces. Support during the initial set up of their spaces will be critical.

From the very beginning, all learners will be an active participant during each PL session. Each ILS will consistently be collaborating  while designing and planning their individual makerspaces. The activities are listed in my PL outline.

The ILSs will come see my makerspaces in action early on in the PL plan. It is important that it is modeled live to them so they can see how the spaces are ran, organized and implemented. They will also see the impact it has on students. 

This makerspace initiative is being taken district wide, spanning across all the schools. Elementary and secondary are very different, with varied needs and student interests. My PL plan includes times for ILSs to meet in their specific level groups to plan and design with those with similar needs.

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