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Looking Back...

It is over. I am done.

After I finish and submit this page I will have completed the Digital Leading & Learning Masters Program. Wow. It is almost bitter-sweet! Before I began this program I hadn't been a student for almost 10 years and now that I have been a student for almost two years I am sad to see it end. This program has reignited my love for learning. I have learned so much over the past 18 months... let's take look at my journey throughout this program and visit some of my memorable moments.

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EDLD 5302

Concepts of Educational Technology

This was the first course where we were tossed in headfirst into the COVA model, which proved to be very stressful. The last time I was a student our teachers dictated exactly what was to be expected, but here we were given the freedom to complete our assignments however we wanted, with little direction and I hated it... at least I did during this course. 

EDLD 5303

Educational Technology Portfolio

This course was our "eportfolio" class. 5303 gave us the entire month to just tinker and build our eportfolio websites. I LOVE building websites and creating digital designs (just take a look around my entire website) and I just about built the entire thing the first week. Many of my classmates felt like this was a waste of time and money, but not me! 

EDLD 5305

Disruptive innovation in Education

This course was the MOST stressful course, and I personally feel would have been better suited before 5303. Coming off of such an "easy" course into 5305 where we had to decide on our innovation plan AND write our first literature review paper was a bit much. Especially since after I decided what my disruptive innovation project was, my website changed drastically. 

EDLD 5304

Leading Organizational Change

I learned SO much during this course, my first with Dr. Harpnuik. He taught me more about how to become the type of leader that knows the skills and steps it takes to promote change positively. The kind of leader that steps back and realizes that to make change effectively "stick", it takes more than just saying "this is how it will be from now on". True change can't be forced.

EDLD 5313

Creating Significant Learning Environments

This course was when we examined CSLE and what it all entailed. I learned more about the constructivist learning theories, which helped propel my research and passion over my own Disruptive Innovation Project, makerspaces. We had to think about how we would implement our goals from a different perspective, a backward design perspective. Be sure to click the course title, "EDLD 5313" to see all my work for this course!

EDLD 5388

Selected Instructional Topics

This course was all about taking our disruptive innovation plan and coming up with a professional development plan to get the word out about what it is and why it is important. I really enjoyed creating my "Professional Development Hub" regarding transforming your school library into makerspaces. I am actually in the middle of putting this PD in motion! 

EDLD 5314

Digital Learning in Global Context

This was all about adding another layer to your Disruptive Innovation Plan... a global layer. This course had me look to see if makerspaces had been down globally and also what worked and what didn't work when implementing makerspaces. We had to go back to our Literature Review and revamp it to include our findings. It was interesting to see how makerspaces are done globally. 

EDLD 5315

Assessing Digital Learning/Instruction

This was a very difficult course for me because it was all about how others and how we would assess and measure the assess of our disruptive innovation plan. The nice thing about makerspaces is that it is totally open and free, there is no wrong or right way to engage in makerspaces. So I turned my focus on how to measure student mindset and their grit, which is what makerspaces instills in its makers and wrote an action research plan.

EDLD 5318

Instructional Design in Online Learning

I really enjoyed this course which had us take our disruptive innovation project and create an online course. I liked it because I could take what I created in 5388 (my professional development plan) and transform it into an online professional development course that ANYONE could take, while being ANYWHERE! 

EDLD 5316

Digital Citizenship

For this course to fall where it did, towards the end of the program, was a huge oversight and the biggest issue I had with this program. During this course we learned valuable information regarding digital citizenship and copyright laws. Doesn't it make more sense for this to be one of the first courses we take, before we begin writing papers and quoting others?



EDLD 5317

Resources for Digital Environments

This course was all about writing an article with the hopes of getting it published. I poured over my article for several weeks, reworking it and trying to make it captivating while also not too long or too boring. I am still hopeful that it will be published, so while my actual article is not linked, you can click on the title and see my outline and video.

EDLD 5320

Synthesis of DLL Program

Which brings us here, to EDLD 5320... the final course. This course had me taking a look back on my time spend in this program and what I have learned from it... which is a lot. My biggest take-away is probably my true change in mindset - I am no longer discouraged by failure and am eager to take chances. This was my first and only course with Dr. Thibodeaux, but I am excited that she gets to see my entire journey all rolled up!

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