Part 1: My Professional learning presentation


Part 2: What is the story behind the story

The Why

I am in a district that is lucky enough to be completely 1-1 with devices. We are also fortunate enough to have someone (an Innovative Learning Specialist, or ILS) housed at each campus to oversee and assist teachers with integrating and using technology in their classrooms, which includes pretty consistent and on-going professional learning. Not every ILS follows the same professional learning model, some barely meeting their teachers and when they do it is just to pass out a quick handout, while others are meeting regularly and providing a bit more guidance. While researching and learning more about what it takes to have more effective professional learning, it dawned on me that I am in a position where we can begin making this change now easily since we already have the people who are already doing PL with the freedom to do it in whatever manner they see fit. The idea that if I could just convince them to turn to this type of PL, we could start planning and implementing it immediately with no red tape to cross.  


The What

 My "what" is the video and presentation shown above, which I created first the presentation using the Microsoft app Sway and then filmed myself presenting it using the Chrome extension Screencastify. I am excited to see how it turns out when I present this live to my fellow ILS team and their reactions to it. 



I have a huge problem with "over decorating" my presentations and I also usually fall back to just using PowerPoint or Google Slides for all my presentations. I wanted to make sure I kept this presentation clean and clear, while also using a presentation tool that I could easily edit and embed interactive components into it so I could model active participation. This led me to using "Sway", an incredibly easy Microsoft presentation tool that creates almost movie like presentations, automatically (yea, all those pictures subtly moving - Sway did that, not me). I was not too familiar with Sway in the beginning, but it was simple enough to figure out and creates clean presentations without even giving me the option to make them too crazy with decorations.


After I completed my presentation I wanted to record myself presenting it while also recording my screen with the presentation. To do this I used the Google Chrome Webstore app "Screencastify". I did have to pay for it to get access to the dual recording, but it was only $24.00 for the entire year (which I know will come in handy for future classes and a new way to film step by step tech tutorials). My money bought me the ability to record my screen with no watermarks, unlimited videos and the ability to edit my videos with cropping and trimming tools. I was then able to save my video to my desktop and upload it easily to YouTube to embed into this very page! 


My biggest goal while creating my work was to practice what I was preaching. I wanted it to be interactive, with time for them to actually begin implementing what they learned and design some PL sessions using the "show and go" model. I also knew that I needed them to buy what I was selling. For them to change from what they are currently doing to this new model, I would need them to come to their own realization that our old methods aren't effective. This is why I started with the video of the Heather Land complaining during a staff meeting and the comic of the tech-shy teacher because those are all real life experiences they could relate to.  I want to create a safe environment where they feel free to express their biggest struggles and failures when it comes to their PL without fearing judgement. It is my hope that after this a new wave of professional learning will sweep my district. 



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