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February 9, 2019

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November 30, 2018

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February 15, 2018


When I first heard about PLNs (Professional Learning Networks) I wondered exactly what they were or how they could benefit me as an educator. After turning to my trusty sidekick Google, I discovered the magic that can come with joining the right PLN and how it can open the door to new insights and ideas from peers around the global. 


PLN Image Above:


According to Marc-Andre Lalande video a PLN is a way of describing the group of people that you connect with to learn their ideas, their questions, their reflections, and their references. Your PLN is not limited to online interactions, but it is that online, global interactive part that really makes it special. He says that you get to choose your role in that group. Choose if you want to lurk–just check out what people are saying–or if you share; because you choose when to do so, and how to do so (Lalande, 2012). 


I am so lucky to be a member of ISTE and TCEA as well as a member of many other networks that I have joined over my time as the Innovative Learning Specialist for my school. I haven't contributed a lot to these networks, as I am also new and still learning, but I look forward to expanding and beginning to post as this year progresses. I am mainly consuming new ideas and ways to integrate technology into the classrooms. I am always researching the "latest and the greatest" to share with my staff. Currently, I share new edtech tools during their professional learning community, PLC, and team time. I will go in for a 30 minute "Teel's Tidbits" and share ideas and help with any trouble-shooting every other week.


My Professional Learning Networks

Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship: 

It is so important in my role to stay on top of digital citizenship. I am responsible for educating my staff, students and community on digital citizenship and how to keep themselves and their children safe while online. I take this responsibility very seriously. I love this network because I am able to share and get new ideas from others. 


EdTech Google+ Network: 

I love this Google plus community because it is a place where educators, students and technologists come together to discuss technology in education and the important role it plays. So many great ideas are shared here and I have gotten many new tech tools and inspiration for my makerspaces.  


ISTE Librarians Network: 

Even though I work closely with technology and the integration of technology with my teachers, Libraries and Librarians are also beginning to move to the role I am currently in. I learn a lot from the network regarding how to merge the library and the technology and creating a library space for everyone to use to collaborate, create, and explore. 


ISTE STEM Network:

This awesome network provides resources and ideas to help STEM teaching and student learning through technology. I have attended several webinars that I have learned about from this network along with several project ideas. 



My Favorite Bloggers

Diana Rendina, Renovated Learning: 

Not only do we share the same name, but she is truly a rock star modern day librarian who is my go-to for all things makerspace. 


Matthew Lahey, Lets Stay Curious:

I have had the immense pleasure of working with this incredibly talented man. He filmed, edited and produced a video about me and my learning center recently and through that experience I grew to not only respect him as a professional, but he became a role model for me. 




Duckworth, S. (2017). 10 Reasons Why Every Teacher Needs a PLN. Retrieved from


Lalande, M. (2012). What is a PLN. Retrieved from




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