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February 9, 2019

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November 30, 2018

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Why I encourage each of you to create an ePortfolio

March 9, 2018


Why use an ePortfolio? This question is one I am still discovering the answer to, but as I continue to work on my own ePortfolio, I begin to see the benefits. Last week I poured over Dr. Harapnuik's website regarding ePortfolios, so this week I stepped out further to discover more about the power of having an ePortfolio and blogging. 


While doing some self researching over the importance of an ePortfolio, a common theme appeared... self-reflection. One article states that self-knowledge becomes an outcome of learning ("Why Reflect?", 2007) while another states that  people with an ePortfolio will discover a valuable exercise in self assessment through the reflection process (Barnstable, 2018). It is all about reflecting on your own learning, planning where to go to take that learning to the next level, act on that plan and then observe and reflect all over again.



Reflection Cycle Image above: 


If you visit the sites referenced in this post you will recognize the image above as it is from one of them, but it really helped me (a visual learner) see the process of having and maintaining an ePortfolio. This isn't something you spend a couple months creating just to use on a resume or send out to a few folks and then toss it aside... no, this is something you have the opportunity to create to showcase your own knowledge in your fields and help show what you can do. Having an ePortfolio is a constant way to monitor your growth and to show where you started to where you are now. A way to show the world why you are an expert at what you do. Why you are worth a second look. It is a showcase of what you can do. 


Coming to this understanding really helped me get over the "I don't wannas" when it comes to blogging. If you were like me, struggling with the idea of blogging, I encourage you to read Nick Scheidies article about biggest benefits of blogging. He states that over time, as you write more posts and share more of your expertise, you’re website will change from ‘just another blog’ into a powerful demonstration of your knowledge in a field. When somebody visits your site and sees the insights you’ve shared on a subject, along with the community of people who respect and seek that insight, it will be clear that you’re genuinely an expert in the field.  (Scheidies, 2018).


Reading this, along with the other 19 biggest benefits of blogging not only made understand the importance of blogging, but got me excited to blog too! So keep checking out my blog. Like. Share. Subscribe. (I have always wanted to say that.. and now I can!)




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