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March 30, 2018






At the beginning of this course I will admit, I was skeptical... all we were doing was revamping our last course assignments and our website? But boy am I so grateful for it!


When I started this course, my ePortfolio was obviously for Lamar. The title of my website was "DL&L Lamar Masters Program" and my assignments where clearly labeled by class. Not exactly something anyone who came to visit would understand or even stick around to explore. Over the past 5 weeks I was able to redesign and recreate my website. I believe this time will play a vital role in my future success in this program. I was able to really dive into and understand why I was creating this website and take ownership over it. I was able to check out other ePortfolios for inspiration and guidance. Most importantly, I was able to look at my own ePortfolio and make it a place that anyone looking for educational technology ideas and resources could come and learn something new. It showcases me, my creations and ideas as a leader in my chosen field. 


One major change I did as it relates to the 5303 course was taking the assignments I created in EDLD 5302 and expanding on the ideas I already started. I also created my self-assessment to feed off of my growth mindset. I elaborated on my learning networks, adding bloggers I follow and am inspired by. I took these assignments and under my "PORTFOLIO" tab, laid them out in a way so that any visitor could easily see how they are connected to each other. On this page you can also see how I have changed and expanded my ePortfolio. I plan to continue to add to this as I edit and change my website to show others that are thinking about creating a website that it is a continuous project, one that is never done. Your website is a moving, functional and evolving entity that requires tender loving care on a regular basis to get the best possible return for your investment. Put simply, your website is never done (Cameron, 2018, pg. 4).


I am most proud of the new knowledge I am walking away with. During this course I learned a lot about what it takes to build a website,  including learning about SEO (search engine optimization) and set that up so my site can be easily found by search engines. I also learned about favicons (the little icon next to the website title in your tabs) and really enjoyed setting up my own little favicon. I know being familiar with these concepts will help me move forward in my career as an expert in educational technologies and will allow me to help co-workers create their own websites. 


I really am proud that I have a place to showcase some of the resources I have made over the past 2 years while already being in a technology leadership role. I love that I now have a place to send my teachers so they can access all the "Teel's Tidbits" I have already presented. I know that I will continue to add to this site, long after I have graduated from Lamar, and it will be my hub for everything I am working on and have worked on. 


If I am being honest, my absolute favorite spot on my website is the "ABOUT ME" page, which really divulges what I am all about - sharing the latest and greatest with teachers and my Teel's Techno Tidbit sessions and badges.  


I hope you stick enjoy exploring my site and getting to know me as much as I have enjoyed creating it!




Cameron, A. (2018). Website maintenance: why your website is never done. Retrieved 25 March 2018, from








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