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April 18, 2018


At my school we are totally 1-1 with devices. My teachers have a good grasp on how to integrate technology and kids are more engaged. Still, we keep waiting for technology to just change everything, our scores, our mindsets, etc, but maybe we are waiting for nothing because we are using the same newish stuff... because we like that stuff and know how to use that stuff (Godin, 2014)


When I was still in the classroom I used Google Classroom. I was the only one on my campus to be 1-1 with devices (most teachers had only 2-5 laptops total). I fell in love with how user friendly Google Classroom was and became an expert in it. When I moved up to my current position, a tech trainer for the teachers, I showed them Google Classroom and my passion for it transferred to them. We were and still are a very efficient Google school... we like that stuff. 


Lately I've been learning more about Canvas in the classroom and how that platform offers way more than Google Classroom and could really help turn our classrooms into blended learning. As a district we bought Canvas 2 years ago, with the purpose of using in the classrooms, but when I approach my teachers about Canvas, all I get is kickback.

They don't like that stuff. They don't know that stuff. They know Google Classroom, they like Google Classroom. "Why change?" They ask. We  We are now in our final and last year of our Canvas contract because our teachers are comfortable with Google Classroom. Technology has met its most significant barrier: ourselves (Rosenberg, 2014). This is just the most recent example, but I know there are so many more. 


How can we possibly progress forward if we get comfortable with the technology we do know?


I recently interviewed for the Learning and Innovation Coordinator for a district who has realized their mistake. 20 years ago they were the first to put a laptop in every students hands. They were apart of the initial trend setting of this educational technology movement. They admitted during my interview that they have grown comfortable in how they were using the technology, thinking they were still ahead of the game. They have recently looked up and realized that technology has passed them up. They had gotten in their own way. 




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Rosenberg, M. (2014). Marc My Words: Back to School—Technology Is Changing Learning, but Is It Changing  Schooling?. Learning Solutions. Retrieved 18 April 2018,   from



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