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November 30, 2018

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Why? How? What?

July 26, 2018

The WHY is a tool that can bring clarity to that which is fuzzy and make tangible that which is abstract. The WHY can help set a vision to inspire people. The WHY can guide us to act with purpose, on purpose (Sinek, 2009, p. 26).


Why do you do what you do everyday and how to get others to believe in it as well?  If you have been following my blog posts, you know that I am currently waist deep in creating and implementing my disruptive innovation plan. For my plan to be a success, it is so important that the people I am pitching it to buy what I am selling them - to believe that makerspaces can impact student learning as wholeheartedly as I do

and share the drive and passion to implement them across our district. 


A few months ago I created a "Call to Action" video, something to stir a sense of urgency in the educators that I am proposing this plan to, which kept coming to mind this week while learning more about the importance of our why. It was this video and all that I have researched and learned about the maker movement that helped me create my Why, How and What for why I am spreading the maker movement across my district. 


 *click images for a larger view and to stop automatic scrolling. 


The maker movement fosters curiosity, tinkering, and collaborative learning, which in turn leads to better problem solving through better questioning. This allows students to take control over their own learning and equips them with a growth mindset need to not give up when faced with a problem. I believe firmly that this learning environment fosters a passion for learning, student confidence, and natural collaboration. Ultimately the outcome of the maker movement and makerspaces leads to determination, independent and creative problem solving, and an authentic preparation for the futures our students will create. 



Sinek, S. (2009). Start with why: How great leaders inspire everyone to take action. New York, N.Y.: Portfolio.







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