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February 9, 2019

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November 30, 2018

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Executing Your Goals.

August 12, 2018

A friend once told me that change is hard... that is why it clinks when it's in your pocket. I laughed, but it is true. Change is hard and to create real change you do have to make a lot of noise. My Disruptive Innovation Plan of bringing makerspaces to every school library in my district is a change that will make a lot of noise and takes a lot of preplanning and dedication. It is easy for me to get caught up in the whirlwind of my everyday tasks of meeting my campus and teachers needs, that I lose sight of what my main goal is - reaching the staff and students beyond just my one school. I do not want my vision of all campuses having a thriving and successful makerspace to be just a hallucination. To combat that I used The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals by Chris McChesney, Sean Covey, and Jim Huling to help me create a plan to focus on my wildly important goals.


The 4DX Plan 

The 4DX plan focuses on four main disciplines within the five stages of change. While learning about the 4DX plan the image of a team trying to win a game kept appearing in my mind. That is what this plan is all about - working together as a team to meet the end goal of achievement or winning. Below I created flyers that give more information on what the four disciplines and the five stages are and what they detail. The disciplines and the stages go hand and hand because each discipline plays a critical role within the stages, ultimately moving the team forward to win our end game. 

*Click on the images to enlarge.


My 4DX Plan for Implementing Makerspaces

Using what I have learned and the information in the above graphics, I created a draft of my own 4DX plan for implementing makerspaces across my district. This draft is bound to change and the finer details tuned with my team of Innovative Learning Specialists. The more involved my team is in the creation of our plan, the more engaged and successful we will all be in achieving our goals

*Click on the images to stop the automatic scroll and to enlarge.

4DX Plan vs. The Influencer Model

Last week I planned how I would influence those I work with to buy-in to makerspaces using the Influencer Model. After spending time this week learning more about and creating my own 4DX plan it because very clear that both of these have similarities, working towards one "Wildly Important Goal" or "Desired Results" and can work together. The Influencer model looks at the emotional, personal and social side of change and how we can be influenced by the thoughts and motives of those around us. 4DX model looks at change in a trusted process that has stages and parts that are to be expected while executing change. Any leader knows that both sides need to be respected and it is their job to account for the emotional aspect of the team while executing change within the whirlwind. I do not necessarily believe that one is the best because they both address important aspects a leader needs to keep in mind while being an agent of change. I will certainly be using both to lead me to success. 




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