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February 15, 2019



AHH! Online courses! If you have never taken an online course or seen an online course, it sounds incredibly daunting and maybe too "hands-off" for learners... but don't we want our students to be drivers of their own learning?


As the Innovative Learning Specialist for my campus, I oversee all technology, teacher EdTech training, and educating students on cyber safety and digital citizenship. Through my time in EDLD 5318, I have been constantly thinking about how I can use Schoology with my teachers and students. There are 2 huge topics that I could easily turn into online courses that stood out immediately to me.


1.       “Teel’s Techno Tidbits: EdTech Tools” Online Course: Currently I meet with teachers every Friday during PLC (which is called Teel’s Techno Tidbits) and I provide my teachers with a new EdTech tool, resource or idea. My biggest complaint from my teachers is that they want some place to access everything they have learned through my trainings and have all those resources housed in one location. I was toying with the idea of creating a Google Drive folder, but as a Google district that would just get lost in their already busting at the seams Drive. I am now going to use Schoology to house all my Teel’s Techno Tidbits information. This way teachers who missed that PLC or need a refresher can go through the module and relearn about that resource!  


2.       “Student Cyber Safety and Digital Citizenship” Online Course: My campus is 1-1 with devices and with a building full of pre-teens who are just beginning to use technology for social media purposes, cyber safety and digital citizenship are huge topics we need to cover with them. Currently I have the activities and lessons teachers walk their classes through housed in a folder on Google Drive that they access and present to their classes… but I could easily take that material and turn it into an actual course in Schoology where students respond and submit lessons directly. This would also give me insight on their thoughts, concerns and struggles with online interactions since I would be able to read their comments and see their assignments.  


How could you take 1 unit or 1 course that you are currently doing and turn it online?



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